Post & Wire Fencing

Learn more about post and wire fencing in Vermont.
Welded wire fencing, also known as post-and-wire fencing, is most commonly used as a type of agricultural fencing. It can be installed on the inside of split rail fencing as a cost-effective type of containment fencing for pets and children. With wood or metal posts, it’s also an affordable option for garden fencing, as well as protective deer fencing. Welded wire is available in a variety of colors and heights and blends into its surroundings seamlessly. In Vermont, welded wire and post-and-wire fencing is most often used for livestock containment.

“Beautiful fence, expert job, highly skilled men.” –Lonnie

Best Uses: Agricultural Fencing, Containment Fencing, Livestock Fencing, Garden Fencing

Material: Wire, Wood or Metal Posts

Available Heights: 3' to 12'

Product Examples