Franklin County Premier Fence Company

In the picturesque landscapes of Franklin County, NY, Middlebury Fence has been a beacon of fencing excellence for over three decades. Our craft has been honed and perfected since 1989, making us the go-to specialists for both residential and commercial fencing solutions.

Diverse Solutions, Singular Quality

Your fencing needs are as unique as your property. At Middlebury Fence, we embrace this diversity, offering a tailored range of services to fit every requirement. Whether it’s the rustic charm of wooden fences, the sleek finish of metal barriers, or the durable resilience of vinyl boundaries, our portfolio ensures a solution that resonates with your vision.

Beyond Installation: A Lifelong Commitment

We don’t just install fences; we nurture relationships. Our suite of services extends beyond initial installation, covering repairs and maintenance. This enduring commitment ensures that your fence doesn’t just look good—it stands the test of time.

Precision with Every Plank and Post

For us, fencing is more than erecting barriers—it’s an art of detail. Our team’s meticulous approach ensures that every joint, every panel, and every gate reflects the superior quality synonymous with the Middlebury Fence brand.

Serving with Pride and Passion

Franklin County is more than just our service area; it’s our home. We’re deeply ingrained in this community, cherishing the bonds we’ve built over the years. This connection drives our passion for offering only the best to our fellow residents.

Embark on Your Fencing Journey with Middlebury Fence

Ready to transform your property’s perimeter into a statement of style and security? Reach out to Middlebury Fence today. Together, let’s craft a fencing narrative that mirrors your aspirations and our expertise.


Materials: Wood

Available Heights: 4' - 10'

Materials: Aluminum, Steel

Available Heights: 3' - 8'

Materials: Vinyl

Available Heights: 3' - 6'

Materials: Metal, Wire, Wood

Available Heights: 3' - 12'+

Materials: Wood, Vinyl

Available Heights: 3' - 6'

Materials: Aluminum, Wood, Vinyl

Available Heights: 3' - 5'

Materials: Vinyl-coated, Galvanized

Available Heights: 3' - 12'+


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