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In the picturesque landscapes of Windsor County, VT, Middlebury Fence stands as a testament to fencing excellence, intricately woven with over 30 years of dedication. Since 1989, our name has been synonymous with superior residential and commercial fencing solutions, tailored to both modest and grand visions.

More Than a Fence, It’s a Commitment

Beyond mere barriers, we see fences as enduring commitments to quality, safety, and beauty. Every project, regardless of scale, receives our complete attention, ensuring that our customers are guided seamlessly from initial consultation to final installation—and beyond.

Quality: The Cornerstone of Our Craft

At Middlebury Fence, we believe in no half measures. Our reputation is built on an unwavering commitment to sourcing only the finest materials. This dedication ensures our fences don’t just stand strong against the elements, but also enhance the aesthetic charm of your property for years to come.

Versatility Meets Expertise

From the timeless elegance of picket fences to the modern sophistication of privacy barriers or the unique flair of a custom design, our palette of offerings caters to every taste and requirement. Our adaptability, paired with deep-rooted expertise, positions us as Windsor County’s first choice for transformative fencing solutions.

Trust in Middlebury Fence: Where Every Project is a Partnership

Your fencing journey with us is a partnership built on mutual trust and respect. We value the faith our customers place in us, and in return, pledge an unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier service, craftsmanship, and satisfaction.

Begin your fencing tale with Middlebury Fence, and let us craft a perimeter that’s a perfect reflection of your aspirations and our expertise.


Materials: Wood

Available Heights: 4' - 10'

Materials: Aluminum, Steel

Available Heights: 3' - 8'

Materials: Vinyl

Available Heights: 3' - 6'

Materials: Metal, Wire, Wood

Available Heights: 3' - 12'+

Materials: Wood, Vinyl

Available Heights: 3' - 6'

Materials: Aluminum, Wood, Vinyl

Available Heights: 3' - 5'

Materials: Vinyl-coated, Galvanized

Available Heights: 3' - 12'+


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