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Cedar Privacy Fences in Vermont

Cedar Privacy Fencing

Learn more about the benefits of cedar privacy fencing in Vermont.
Cedar privacy fences from Middlebury Fence are available in a wide range of heights and styles, with varied pricing options to meet your fencing budget. Our low-maintenance northern white cedar privacy fences can be stained, painted, or left natural to have a weathered look. Whether you are hoping to add privacy to your backyard or install cedar privacy fencing to contain your children or pets, cedar fencing is an aesthetically-pleasing fencing type that has a traditional look and feel. Cedar fencing is also available as picket fences and spaced cedar fences from Middlebury Fence.

“Thank you so much for seeing us through what was for us a major project, for your thoughtfulness and helpful attitude. We recommend you to anyone interested in fencing!” – Jack | Vermont

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Available Heights

4', 5', 6', 8', 10'

Best Uses

Privacy Fencing, Containment Fencing, Pool Enclosure Fencing, Aesthetically-Pleasing Fencing, and Property Line Fencing

Product Examples

Solid Picket Fencing and Stockade Fencing

#F2001 - Solid Picket Stockade Fencing

Solid Board Fencing in Vermont

#F2002 - Cedar Solid Board Fence with Bevelled Posts

Solid Board Privacy Fencing in Vermont

#F2003 - Cedar Solid Board Fence with Scalloped Panels, Dado Caps, and Gothic Posts

Shadowbox Fencing in Vermont

#F2004 - Cedar Shadowbox Fencing

Solid Board Fencing with Dado Caps

#F2005 - Cedar Solid Board Fence with Dado Cap

Solid Board Fencing in Vermont

#F2006 - Cedar Solid Board Fence, Bevelled Posts, Dog-eared Boards, Backing Rail Side

Encased Panel Fencing - Pool Fencing

#F2007 - Cedar Encased Panel Fence, Post Caps, Stepped

Encased Panel, Privacy Fencing

#F2008 - Encased Solid Board Fence with Square Lattice Top

Encased Panel Fencing in Vermont

#F2009 - Encased Solid Board Fence with Victorian Top

Encased Panel Fencing

#F2010 - Encased Panel Fence, Post Caps, Rounded Topper

Encased Panel Fencing with Boxed Topper

#F2011 - Encased Panel Fence with 2′ Boxed Topper

Cedar Solid Gate in Vermont

#F2012 - Solid Cedar Gate

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