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Commercial Fencing

Middlebury Fence meets a wide range of commercial fencing needs for Vermont businesses.
Fence and gate installations for private or public sector commercial customers is Middlebury Fence’s specialty. We have extensive experience in the bid and RFP process, work site safety, and OSHA, as well as state and federal regulations. If you need commercial livestock fencing, temporary chain link for a work site, permanent fencing, security gates, solar farm fencing, or any other type of commercial grade installations, please contact Middlebury Fence President, Mike Dunbar at 802-388-2225. We look forward to meeting your commercial fencing needs in Vermont.

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Product Examples

Chain-Link Fencing with Ornamental Aluminum

#F7006 - Chain Link Fence with Ornamental Aluminum

Baseball Backstop

#F7007 - Backstop Fencing

Chain-Link Fence Surrounding Baseball Field

#F7008 - Ball Field Fencing

Commercial Fencing: Chain-Link Fence for Baseball Field

#F7010 - Ball Field Fences

Fencing for a Vermont Parking Garage

#F7011 - Parking Garage Fencing

A Stairway Railing and Handrail in Vermont

#F4008 - Stairway Railing and Bannister

Six Foot Commercial Ornamental Fencing

#F4009 - Commerical 6′ Ornamental Fence

Commercial Galvanized Fencing and Gate

#F7004 - Commercial Galvanized Fence and Gate

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