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Ornamental Aluminum Fencing & Metal Fencing

Learn more about ornamental aluminum fencing and metal fencing in Vermont.
Ornamental fencing is typically built from aluminum alloy or steel, making it stylish, modern, and durable. Ornamental fences provide a wrought iron appearance with little maintenance and are perfect for pool enclosures, deck railings, outdoor railings, and property enhancement, as well as commercial security. Aluminum can be a more economical solution versus steel or wrought iron.

Aluminum fencing and metal fencing also comes in a wide variety of designs, styles, colors, and accessories. Steel is more rugged, stronger, and is used most often for commercial applications. A benefit of ornamental fencing, aluminum fencing and metal fencing is that it requires very little maintenance, as compared to wood fencing. We stock Specrail aluminum fencing and Everfence steel fencing, which come in a variety of fencing styles from simple and classic to intricate and ornate.

“Please pass along a hearty thanks to the men and women that put the work into place. We are really pleased with the finished product. I look forward to working with you on future projects.” – George

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Best Uses

Aesthetically-Pleasing Fencing, Maintenance-Free Fencing, Pool Enclosure Fencing, Railings, Property Line Fencing

Product Examples

Aluminum Fencing Around Pool in Vermont

#F4001 - 3-Rail, Flush Bottom, Aluminum Fence with Gate

Aluminum Fencing for Pool Enclosure

#F4002 - 3-Rail Fence, Standard Bottom with Extended Pickets

Three-rail Fence with Alternate-height Pickets with a Flush Bottom

#F4003 - 3-Rail Fence with Alternate-Height Pickets, Flush Bottom

Patriot Stepped Fence

#F4004 - Patriot Stepped Fence

Three-rail Pool Fencing in Vermont

#F4005 - White 3-Rail Fence

Specrail Aluminum Fencing in Vermont

#F4006 - Specrail Fence

Radius Panel Fencing with Cement Posts

#F4007 - Radius Panel Fence with Cement Posts

Ornamental Railings and Gate

#F4010 - Ornamental Railings and Gate

Decorative Aluminum Fencing with Triad Top Finials and Bal Caps

#F4012 - Decorative Aluminum Fence with Triad Finials and Ball Cap

Three-Rail Fence with Trial Finials, Arbor and Gate

#F4013 - 3-Rail Fence with Triad Finials, Arbor and Gate

Three-rail Fencing with Triad Finials

#F4014 - 3-Rail Fence with Trial Finials

Bronze 3-Rail Fancing with Arched Gate

#F4015 - Bronze 3-Rail Fence with Arched Gate

Three-rail Fencing with Brick Columns and Gate

#F4016 - Three-Rail Fence with Brick Columns & Gate

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