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Split Rail Fencing & Post-and-Rail Fencing

Learn more about the benefits of split rail fencing and post-and-rail fencing in Vermont.
Split rail fencing, also known as post-and-rail fencing, has a natural and rustic look. It is budget-friendly and perfect for large areas that need enclosure. Split-rail fencing is also an affordable and attractive option for livestock containment and property enhancement. Locust posts with mixed hardwood rails give split-rail fences a very long life. Round-rail (dowel), split rail fencing is also available for a a rounded, more traditional look, and Western Cedar offers another beautiful and rustic alternative. Welded wire can also be installed with the split-rail fence for containment of livestock and pets, or for a pool enclosure or garden protection.

“I just wanted to say thank you for a project well done. It’s been a pleasure working with you.” – George

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Available Heights

3', 4', 5'

Best Uses

Aesthetically-Pleasing Fencing, Property Line Fencing. Available with welded wire for: Pet Fencing, Livestock Fencing, Pool Enclosure Fencing, and Garden Fencing.

Product Examples

Three-Rail Split Rail Fence

Four-Foot Split Rail Fencing

#F1001 - 4′ Split Rail Fence

Four-Foot, Split-Rail Fencing with Welded Wire

#F1002 - 4′ Split Rail Fence with Welded Wire

Four-Foot Round Rail Fencing

#F1003 - 4′ Round Rail Fence

Three-Rail Western Cedar Fence

#F1004 - Western Cedar Split Rail Fence

Three-Foot Split Rail Fence in Vermont

#F1005 - 3′ Split Rail Fences

Post and Rail Fencing in Vermont

#F1006 - Post and Rail Fencing

Hemlock Board Garden Fence in Vermont

#F1007 - Hemlock Board Garden Fence

Western Cedar Gate in Vermont

#F1009 - Western Cedar Gate

Post and Rail Fencing Enclosure

#F1010 - Post and Rail Enclosure Fencing

Riding Rink in Vermont

#F1011 - Riding Rink Fencing

Three-rail Horse Fence in Vermont

#F1012 - 3-Rail Horse Fence

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