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Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is a durable, versatile fencing option.
If you are looking for a low-maintenance fence solution in Vermont, vinyl fencing is the best option. Due to its durable polymer construction, vinyl fences are weather-resistant and insect-resistant, and will add beauty to your property for generations. Vinyl fencing in Vermont has both residential and commercial uses. Vinyl fencing is best for containment fencing, pool enclosure fencing and privacy fencing.

“…A lot of people have been driving by the property and stopping and commenting on the fence!” – Lori

Vinyl Fencing in Vermont

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Available Heights

3', 4', 5', 6'

Best Uses

Privacy Fencing, Pool Enclosure Fencing, Property Line Fencing, Containment Fencing, Aesthetically-Pleasing Fencing, Commercial Enclosure Fencing, Dumpster Fencing

Product Examples

Chesterfield Fencing with CertaGrain Texture

#F5001 - Chesterfield Fence with CertaGrain Texture

Imperial Select Cedar Fencing in Vermont

#F5002 - Imperial Select Cedar Fence

Galveston Fencing with a Lattice Topper

#F5003 - Galveston Fence with Lattice

Columbia Fencing with a Lattice Topper

#F5004 - Columbia Fence with Lattice

Columbia Fencing with Lattice for a Pool Enclosure

#F5005 - Columbia Fence with Lattice

A New Lexington, White Panel Fencing

#F5006 - New Lexington Fence

Danbury Picket Fence Gate

#F5007 - Danbury Picket Gate

White Chesterfield Fencing with Victorian Accents

#F5008 - Chesterfield Fence with Victorian Accents

Rail-Style Fence in Vermont

#F5009 - 3-Rail Style Fence

A Two-Rail Wood Style Fence in Vermont

#F5010 - Two-Rail Style Fencing

A White Victorian Picket Fence in Vermont

#F5011 - Victorian Picket Fence

Chesterfield Fencing with Huntington Accents

#F5012 - Chesterfield Fence with Huntington Accents

White Manchester Picket Fencing in Vermont

#F5013 - Manchester Picket Fence

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