Commercial Fencing

In the diverse and dynamic landscape of Vermont’s commercial sectors, fencing isn’t merely about setting boundaries—it’s a declaration of security and commitment. At the forefront of this intricate world stands Middlebury Fence, known for its expertise in bespoke fencing solutions tailored for both private and public sector clientele.

Understanding the multifaceted nature of commercial projects, Middlebury Fence is adept at navigating the complexities of bid and RFP processes, ensuring paramount site safety, and meticulously adhering to OSHA guidelines, as well as state and federal regulations. Whether it’s the need for robust livestock barriers, temporary chain link enclosures for construction sites, or specialized fencing for solar farms, Middlebury Fence delivers with precision and professionalism.

Under the leadership of President Mike Dunbar, Middlebury Fence isn’t just about crafting fences—it’s about forging partnerships. As the commercial landscape of Vermont evolves, so does our commitment to providing unparalleled fencing solutions.

For those seeking excellence in commercial fencing, Middlebury Fence stands ready. Connect with us for inquiries and let’s build a safer, more secure Vermont together.

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