Post & Wire Fences

Materials: Metal, Wire, Wood

Available Heights: 3' - 12'+

Welded wire fencing, also known as post-and-wire fencing, is most commonly used as a type of agricultural fencing. It can be installed on the inside of split rail fencing as a cost-effective type of containment fencing for pets and children. With wood or metal posts, it’s also an affordable option for garden fencing, as well as protective deer fencing. Welded wire is available in a variety of colors and heights and blends into its surroundings seamlessly.

In the diverse terrains of Vermont, where agricultural charm meets modern needs, post & wire fencing, particularly the welded wire variety, finds its niche. This fencing style harmoniously blends functionality with a minimalist aesthetic, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

Unpacking the Beauty and Utility of Welded Wire Fencing

Welded wire fencing, often referred to as post-and-wire fencing, boasts a construction that is as sturdy as it is unobtrusive. In Vermont, welded wire and post-and-wire fencing is most often used for livestock containment. Here’s a deeper dive into why it’s a favored choice among Vermont residents:

Agricultural Excellence: At its roots, welded wire fencing is an agricultural marvel. It provides sturdy containment for livestock, ensuring that animals are safe without hindering their view of the scenic Vermont landscape.

Perfect for Home Boundaries: Whether you’re trying to keep your pets and children safe or seeking a boundary for your garden, post & wire fencing is a cost-effective solution. Pair it with split rail fencing, and you have an enhanced boundary that merges rustic charm with modern design.

Garden Guardian: For those who pour love and care into their gardens, this fencing acts as a sentinel, protecting precious plants from potential intruders. Whether you’re safeguarding against curious critters or deer, welded wire fencing is your garden’s best ally.

Aesthetic Adaptability: Available in various colors and heights, welded wire fences can be tailored to your specific aesthetic preferences. Their design allows them to blend seamlessly with the environment, making them a subtle yet effective fencing choice.

Durable and Low Maintenance: Built to withstand the diverse Vermont weather, from its brisk winters to sun-soaked summers, welded wire fencing requires minimal upkeep, ensuring that it remains an attractive feature on your property for years to come.

Middlebury Fence: Your Post & Wire Fencing Specialist in Vermont

At Middlebury Fence, we appreciate the blend of tradition and innovation that post & wire fencing represents. Our team of experts is dedicated to guiding you through the selection process, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs. Be it agricultural endeavors, home boundaries, or garden protection, our welded wire fencing solutions promise quality and longevity.

Discover the transformative power of post & wire fencing with Middlebury Fence. Reach out to us today, and let’s craft a fencing solution that’s as unique as Vermont’s landscape.

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